Franco-American and Québecois History and Genealogy
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A Franco-American and Québecois History and Genealogy Site

by David Gerard Vermette

Update August 25, 2012: Please see my new blog for my latest research.

Between 1840 and 1930 almost a million French-speakers from the present-day Canada came to the United States. Mainly from Québec and the former Acadia (today the Maritime Provinces of Canada), the great majority of these immigrants settled in the New England region where they worked in the mills and factories of the post-Civil War industrial expansion.

This site is divided into three major sections. The Genealogy section presents the basic facts regarding my ancestors: when and where they were born, married and died. This is the first stop for genealogists or hobbyists seeking information on the Vermettes or allied families of Québec and Brunswick, Maine. The History section attempts to put the meat on the genealogical bones, adding historical context and drawing on academic research as well as primary sources. This portion of the site will be of interest for those with a more generalized interest in the Franco-American experience and its back-story in Québec. The Viewpoints section will present my own opinions and ideas as I reflect on the material I have collected. This section will present some of the conclusions I have drawn from my journey of cultural re-discovery. In addition, I have included a Notes page where you may find some information about me and my sources, and a small selection of links.

These are only the beginnings of my site. I've done much more research than I've had a chance to compile on these pages. I also hope to create a French language version of my site. Please return periodically for more articles and more information reflecting on French North America. Thanks for visiting.

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